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Aug 21

My Top 5 Deal Breakers: What you need to be successful at College Pro

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By: Patricia Seaton, College Pro Alumni


1.     Work ethic: Bottom line, College Pro job is hard work. There are 70-80 hour work weeks that require you to do what it takes in order to get the daily to-do list (that can sometimes seem impossibly long) done. There’s no time to stop and complain—Nike’s motto “Just Do It” is a good personal motto to adopt for the summer.

My Top 5 Deal Breakers - What you need to be successful at College Pro

2..     Tenacity: there WILL be days where you feel like you’ve reached the breaking point and want to quit.  Expect this to happen and be prepared to take a short personal time out to remind yourself of the reasons why you’re doing this and the reward that’s waiting for you at the finish line.

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Jul 10

Selling: What you need to bring to every estimate

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By: Jessica Verhey, College Pro Alumni


Selling - What you need to bring to every estimateSitting in my first Selling training session at College Pro was overwhelming. There was so much to remember, and I was worried.

Would a customer be interested in buying a paint service from me? What if I didn’t book any jobs? How can I show I am reliable?

Luckily, College Pro offered a number of resources to help me gain confidence.

Not only did a general manager come with me to my first three estimates, I attended multiple training sessions to teach me the tools I needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

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Jun 13

College Pro Marketing Success with Mia Della Valentina

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College Pro Marketing Success with Mia Della ValentinaAbout Mia: She’s a 1st year business owner in Lynnwood, WA – an expansion turf (an area College Pro hasn’t operated in previously) and she’s killing it!  She’s currently sitting with the most new estimates complete in our entire Window Cleaning brand!

So we wanted to share what Mia’s doing to drive her marketing success:


“I’ve met every one of my marketers over the internet, either through Facebook or a site called MeetMe, in which I’ve implemented a n0 tolerance policy for BS and unwanted solicitation. Eventually if you keep posting “JOB JOB JOB” people will start to respond. My marketer, Jake, was in my class last quarter but I connected with him through a Facebook message that I posted.

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Jun 6

A Job Environment Like No Other

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By: Rachel Lyda, College Pro Window Cleaning Entrepreneur


Picture this. Summer is on the brink. Sunshine has just begun to make its appearance on a consistent basis. You reflect on the summer job you had last year being miserable inside and counting the hours until you could have a slice of the summer weather. This year, you want a change. You desire something outside the norm. I am here to tell you, that change is here and ready for you to embrace it! It’s called…College Pro! With options either in window cleaning or residential painting, a job environment working outside for an entire summer is at your fingertips.

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May 8

Customer Service—It’s more than communication, it’s integrity

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By: Rachel Lyda, College Pro Window Cleaning Franchisee


Customer Service—It’s more than communication, it’s integrityAs a person who has worked in customer service since my first job as a hostess at a restaurant when I was 18, I have spent the past 5 years learning how to deal with people. I’ve made mistakes, learned you can’t please everyone, developed relationships, lost some, and, overall, realized that customer service can be the most frustrating thing on earth, but at the same time, ultimately rewarding.


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Mar 26

College Pro: Keep an Open Mind

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By: Kristy Nieboer, Media & Marketing Intern

College Pro - Keep an Open MindAfter interviewing a number of College Pro franchisees, I noticed a common perspective on life and work: open-mindedness.  It seems that a huge part of College Pro, the company’s inherent culture, is about keeping an open mind.

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Feb 5

College Pro Training & Support

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Throughout the whole College Pro experience, you have numerous conversations with General Managers, mentors, fellow first-time franchisees, recruiters, and senior franchise owners. These interactions help create relationships that will aid in the success of your business throughout the summer and well into the future. Whether it be with College Pro or elsewhere, these relationships last because you are about to engage in something not many students choose to be a part of.


Feb 5

College Pro: Not Just Another Paint Job

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As an owner of a College Pro Painters Franchise, I was able to create jobs for students this past summer.  Not only was it one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, but it also it taught me how to deal with employees and offer the best service possible.

There are countless jobs for students out there today. Many, however, don’t add much value to a student’s future. College painters are a small slice of the student body who are driven with a desire to learn how to operate a business, by actually doing it! With your/our community’s support we are encouraging the next generation to get up and do something substantial with their lives.  It is not just another generic job for students.

Feb 1

College Pro and Confidence

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I cannot say that I have ever been an overly confident person.  It’s not that I have no confidence in myself; it’s just that certain things have always made me nervous.  At least they used to make me nervous.  College Pro certainly helped my self-confidence and made my old stigmas much less nerve racking.

Jan 24

Tips for Young Entrepreneurs – from College Pro

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As young entrepreneurs, many of us are very driven and excited. Many of us are always coming up with ideas and working on projects. We are all trying to find problems in the world that need solutions. All of this is great, but what if you don’t find a problem? What if your ideas are just ideas and not real businesses? I’m sure many of you have lost interest in an idea or project shortly after starting it. College Pro is unlike any other internship opportunity out there. College Pro gives you the necessary tools to start and run a business.  So, for the entrepreneurial dreamers out there, listen up.

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