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Jun 28

College Pro Window Cleaning Success Story

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VP of College Pro Window Cleaning

Name: Jeff Besharah

Current Position: VP CPWC

Location: Toronto

When did you start working for College Pro and in what role?

I started as a franchisee back in 1999.

What were your prior job experiences?

Before College Pro, I’d done a number of jobs. I worked in everything from newspaper delivery to retail at a camping and work-wear store. I also ran my own autograph memorabilia business. I liked running my own business, so that’s why I became interested in College Pro.

What is the most important lesson you have learned with College Pro?

I learned that will and determination to succeed can carry you through virtually everything.

What do you find most rewarding about your current role?

I love being able to work with so many incredible people. As a business manager, I like being able to play a role in their development.

What is a typical job day like for you?

Typical days are pretty rare. I like this because it keeps me constantly challenged. But some things about the job are fairly consistent. On an average day, I spend time on the day-to-day of the business. The day-to-day also includes thinking about our current focus and how we’re meeting it. We set goals and plan for the future of the business. All things that I believe can help us move toward our vision.

What skills are most valuable to succeed in your position?

I think there are a few things you need to succeed in this role. First, I believe you need to be able to effectively manage your time. There are so many things you could be spending time on, so knowing how to prioritize is important. Second, I feel you need to be able to problem solve quickly. Like I said before, typical days are rare. Unexpected challenges pop up all the time. Being able to solve these problems quickly keeps the team motivated and the business growing. Finally, I think openness is very important.  The more you listen, the more options you tend to have. Being open can also help you learn and move through things more quickly.

Who or what inspires you?

All the young adults in this company. They are all working so hard to truly realize their potential.  It’s really awesome to see people growing both personally and professionally, and to be part of that.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to work for College Pro?

Work hard, stick with it, and listen to your coach.

What is your best story related to College Pro? For example, what is your funniest College Pro memory, greatest achievement on the job?

One of the funniest stories I remember happened when I was a rookie field advisor. I dropped by one of my franchisee’s jobs to find them cleaning the sills and tracks of windows with q-tips. They had only cleaned a few windows in almost the entire first hour. They thought that was how we were supposed to do it for all windows. I was happy they were really paying attention to detail, but there were quicker ways to do the same thing. Good thing I had dropped by the site or they could have been there for days.

My greatest achievement was my team expanding window cleaning from Ontario to four other provinces and four other states.

In your opinion, why is College Pro a great place to work?

You really decide your destiny with the help and support from a lot of great people.

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