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Apr 23

A Brighter Tomorrow With College Pro Painters

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Give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime. At College Pro Painters we look for students who are the type who want to learn how to “fish”; students who are hungry for success. Success does not come easy in anything, but there are many ways to achieve success within the College Pro Painters supportive environment. To our hundreds of student managers across North America, success comes in varying pro success

To many it is an opportunity to develop new and valuable skill sets for their future while building their resume while in school. For others, College Pro success is the earnings that enable them to take the first steps in being self-sufficient in paying for their education. College Pro Painters success for a lot of our student managers is the opportunity to be a more integral and contributing member of their local communities by not only offering, but also delivering an incredible service at an unparalleled quality while providing opportunities for other young motivated students in the community.

College Pro Painters is forever thankful for the people in our communities who put their trust in us and help us to find that success – our customers; neighbors, friends, and acquaintances who choose us to come out and work on their homes and get them looking the best they possibly can!  Yes, we do love working on your homes!  Whether it is painting the entire house, staining the deck, cleaning your windows or carrying your groceries, College Pro Painters’ goal is to deliver a service that will be unforgettable and that our customers cannot stop talking about. We ensure this experience with College Pro Painters by delivering on our promises and going above and beyond whenever possible.

Along with taking care of the customers and student managers, College Pro Painters knows the importance of taking care of the environment.  All of our managers are thoroughly and continuously trained in products, application, disposal, laws and regulations, and job-site safety.  We have been painting houses in our communities for over 40 years now and we are looking forward to the next bright 40+ years!

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