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Jun 6

A Day in the Life of College Pro

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College Pro success on any given day can develop in the form of a grateful thank you from a customer or the completion of a large checklist.  One’s feeling of success is very individual as franchise managers’ pull their feeling of pride into their business from various sources. One thing is for sure – College Pro franchise managers have eventful summers where life is never dull.

A Day in the Life of College ProCollege Pro success as a whole comes from working hard and delivering on commitments to both customers and employees. Day to day the managers engage in non-stop problem solving and communication.

As a work experience, one couldn’t ask for more. Problem solving day to day includes everything from answering questions such as:  “where do I put my ladder to paint this window?”…to “How can I get to the bank in time to deposit cheques and make payroll while I have ten others key items that need to be completed?” Skills from priority management and time management to leadership abilities are developed as they problem solve the day to day occurrences of being a manager and operating a team.

Communication in the College Pro world also comes in many forms. A franchise manager is responsible for working with their customers to deliver them a great service and all that entails. This includes daily updates once they are painting the project, scheduling the project itself and colour selection. In addition managers must hire and train their own staff while constantly communicating expectations from both College Pro and the homeowner. It’s a constant balance for all parties involved. College Pro Success often occurs when managers are able to come to a decision or compromise in situations where everyone wins.

These two skills, problem solving and communication, are key skills that franchise managers take into the future with them. Many current opportunities for students do not promote responsibility and autonomy. As a College Pro manager, you are not only given the opportunity to develop these skills but you are encouraged and supported in your development. After four months of constant problem solving and communicating with all stakeholders in a business, the franchise managers leave our program much more equipped for the outside world, and thankful that they have experienced success in many forms over the season; success that they have worked hard to achieve for themselves.

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