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Jun 6

A Job Environment Like No Other

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By: Rachel Lyda, College Pro Window Cleaning Entrepreneur


Picture this. Summer is on the brink. Sunshine has just begun to make its appearance on a consistent basis. You reflect on the summer job you had last year being miserable inside and counting the hours until you could have a slice of the summer weather. This year, you want a change. You desire something outside the norm. I am here to tell you, that change is here and ready for you to embrace it! It’s called…College Pro! With options either in window cleaning or residential painting, a job environment working outside for an entire summer is at your fingertips.

A Job Environment Like No Other - College Pro Success

Set Your Own Goals

One of the most advantageous aspects of College Pro is the freedom to not only be supplied with a wealth of knowledge and information, but to have the ability to mold that knowledge and execute it in any way, shape, or form you desire. Whether it is running a $5,000 or $40,000 business, College Pro is prepared and equipped to help you accomplish either.


Work at your own pace

Although the weather plays a large part in the productivity and predictability of your business for the course of the summer, there are many other ways you can learn how to enjoy the ability to make your own schedule. Learning how to adapt to an ever-changing business environment is one of the most valuable experiences you will gain from College Pro. Scheduling smartly, and making up for lost time marketing instead of going home after a long day of production is one way to achieve an edge up on the competition. As a business owner, you are your worst enemy—learning how to keep pressing on when you feel like quitting will not only make you a stronger business person but an overall better person.


Feel accomplished at the end of every day

Whether you were only able to produce one job, five jobs or had either a successful or poor marketing session, with College Pro you can rest assured that your efforts do not go unnoticed. I am a firm believer that as much College Pro prepares you for how to be successful, it also prepares you for how to handle failure. An entrepreneur who can hold firmly to his or her initial ambition and purpose, through thick and thin, is an entrepreneur who will succeed. College Pro can turn you into this kind of an entrepreneur, if you will give them a chance. Are you ready?


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