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Jun 27

College Pro: A Day in the Life

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By: James Dale

College Pro - A Day in the LifeRunning a business is a lot of work.  It takes dedication and passion and a will to succeed.  It takes long days, being open to making mistakes and getting your butt kicked every once in a while but rebounding as fast as you can.  Learning what it takes to run a business for the first time is like this, x100.  My first experience running a business was through College Pro and it has forever shaped my life.

College Pro and their coaches teach you everything you need on how to run a business.  They teach you to sell, manage your finances, hire and train people.  But you can only learn so much, and, I believe, the hands-on experience is where you learn the most once they set you free.  College Pro success is a blend of systems that are in place, training, and just getting out there and doing it.

A typical day in the summer when you are out of school is you wake up @ 6:30am and you are at the paint store by 7:30am.  Here you get your paint supplies for the day – the guys and girls at the paint store are great!  Next you are at your 1st crew by 8.  Here is where everything is different and challenging:  some days you are coaching your own painters to hit budgets, sometimes you are problem solving the safest and most efficient way to complete a job and sometimes you are working with customers and quality control, or, the best part, picking up a cheque from another satisfied customer!  Every day is different, and, as a result, you see different scenarios which allow you to learn and grow as an individual.  When your painters leave around 5 then you are off doing estimates to book more jobs for later in the summer.  A typical day in the life can end around 8 pm where you plan and set up the next day for College Pro Success.

College Pro was one of the best decisions I made in gaining life skills, leadership skills and business skills. You have to work hard, be open to the school of hard knocks, and you will have College Pro success and life success!

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