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Feb 1

College Pro and Confidence

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I cannot say that I have ever been an overly confident person.  It’s not that I have no confidence in myself; it’s just that certain things have always made me nervous.  At least they used to make me nervous.  College Pro certainly helped my self-confidence and made my old stigmas much less nerve racking.

College_Pro_and_confidenceSomething that I always found difficult before my first summer with College Pro was introducing myself to strangers.  Whether it was job interviews or just meeting new people, I always found it very stressful.  That stress began to fade as the summer began and we got our first taste of cold-calling.  Cold calling is a marketing technique that College Pro uses to its full potential.  It involves going door to door in any given neighborhood  introducing yourself to each home owner and offering a free estimate from College Pro Painters.  Needless to say, I found cold calling to be difficult at first.  It was hard for me not to take the rejections personally.  I often felt a little depressed if a lot of homeowners said no.  However, with the help of my manager and the other painters, I kept going out and I kept knocking on doors.  By the end of the summer, I had been to almost every house in Owen Sound, or at least it felt like that.

College Pro not only introduces you to a ton of new people and experiences, it also forces you out of any shell you might be in.  The parties, the people, even the job itself, all lend themselves to being outgoing and confident.  When you paint a home for someone, you really get to see how happy it can make them.  The sense of accomplishment is just another confidence boost.  I can honestly say that it was that first summer with College Pro that gave me the confidence to move forward and become a College Pro Franchisee.

Being a franchisee is a whole other level.  It builds a whole new skill set and requires that a new level of confidence be reached.  That is another story.

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