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May 17

College Pro Exterior Painting

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College Pro Exterior PaintingWith better weather coming on and the advent of more sunny days throughout summer, many homeowners are wondering whether now would be a good time to consider painting or repainting their house.  Often times, the cost and headache associated with doing a home improvement job yourself leaves many looking for a contracting option, but even then, many options are simply too expensive.  For this reason, countless customers have turned to College Pro painters to help with their exterior decoration plans, saving time and money compared to other exterior design or landscaping services.

College Pro works with college students or recently graduated college students to supply both the labor and the tools needed to completely paint or re-paint any part of a house.  Rather than pay more money for unionized labor, College Pro allows you to cut back on expenses, all the while allowing college students to gain valuable work experience.  This successful business partnership has not only kept millions of college students employed but provided the quality service needed for homeowners frustrated by traditional contractors.

Why should you trust College Pro?  Unlike some contractors who are content to hire out their services and ignore quality control, the college students themselves have the franchise rights with College Pro, and they are responsible for individual successes and failures — meaning that they work hard in order to deliver superior results!  Painting may be the most popular choice of customers, but it is far from the only service offered by the company: College Pro also offers interior and exterior window cleaning services.   With service in twenty eight States, and  seven Canadian provinces,  and three decades of experience, there is no job that this company cannot handle with superior results and a lower price tag.

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