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Apr 13

College Pro Is The Right Choice

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College Pro Is The Right Choice

One of the best ways to add value and maintain the fresh appearance of a home is to have it painted. College Pro has been meeting the painting needs of homeowners by providing them with reputable and reliable college student painters since its inception in the early 1970’s. College Pro has built a reputation for delivering homeowners consistently top-notch work at a reasonable price. It has also been enabling ambitious and energetic college students with the chance not only to earn an honest wage, but also to become their own franchise owner.

Unlike other industries involved in the housing market that have suffered like construction and sales, the need for painting is continuous. During economic downturns, homeowners seek painters to increase the value of homes they are looking to sell. During economic boom times, homeowners seek painters to beautify and maintain the value of the homes that they occupy. The services provided by College Pro are sought after regardless of market fluctuations. House painting and window cleaning have proven themselves to be a sustainable industry, performing well in both good and bad economic times and remaining nearly immune to the housing market.

College Pro provides a unique service to the community by offering students real world experience and the opportunity to exercise a skill they have been well trained in. They are also given the chance to practice a business model that has a proven track record while providing the homeowner with quality work. College Pro delivers an excellent opportunity to the young entrepreneur that can be taken advantage of while still in school. Furthermore, this hands-on learning experience translates into actual work in the real world. College Pro provides young entrepreneurs the training and support they need every step of the way to help them achieve your business goals.

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