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Mar 26

College Pro: Keep an Open Mind

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By: Kristy Nieboer, Media & Marketing Intern

College Pro - Keep an Open MindAfter interviewing a number of College Pro franchisees, I noticed a common perspective on life and work: open-mindedness.  It seems that a huge part of College Pro, the company’s inherent culture, is about keeping an open mind.

It really starts when people are considering getting involved with College Pro. The opportunity College Pro provides is unlike any other available to university and college students. The chance to run your own business while still in school can seem unrealistic, intimidating, overwhelming… and some even feel concerned there might be a College Pro ‘scam’. However, those who keep an open mind and expose themselves to the possibility, discover it can be a significant challenge and future builder. Having an open mind allows College Pro franchisees to gain valuable experience and skills, as well as the potential make an impressive income. They also discover a lot about themselves, and their work ethic, and a lot of franchisees start to really pin point their career path while they are running their own business.

In addition, those who have been running their business for a year, or even a few years, will often express there is still a lot more they can accomplish in their business – nobody appears to feel capped.  Franchisees learn that there are many ways to be successful, as long as you’re problem solving toward your short term goals. They learn through College Pro training sessions and at leadership conferences, and more importantly through first hand experience, that there are smart tactics with all kinds of variations for marketing, hiring, training, etc. The more they keep an open mind to new options, the more it allows them to discover what works best for their business to hit the goals that are important to them.

I believe that the ability to keep an open mind about almost everything in life is incredibly valuable.  It goes hand in hand with learning from your mistakes, and making sure you don’t repeat things that didn’t work – a pivotal part of running a successful business.  Experience and success are two things that most people strive to achieve, and it’s clear at College Pro, you cannot achieve either without an open mind.

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