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Jun 13

College Pro Marketing Success with Mia Della Valentina

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College Pro Marketing Success with Mia Della ValentinaAbout Mia: She’s a 1st year business owner in Lynnwood, WA – an expansion turf (an area College Pro hasn’t operated in previously) and she’s killing it!  She’s currently sitting with the most new estimates complete in our entire Window Cleaning brand!

So we wanted to share what Mia’s doing to drive her marketing success:


“I’ve met every one of my marketers over the internet, either through Facebook or a site called MeetMe, in which I’ve implemented a n0 tolerance policy for BS and unwanted solicitation. Eventually if you keep posting “JOB JOB JOB” people will start to respond. My marketer, Jake, was in my class last quarter but I connected with him through a Facebook message that I posted.

I usually spend time getting to know my marketers and learning what they’re about and where they’re from, in order to fully connect with them and respond to what their needs are going to be while we’re actually working. I try to find what’s important to them. While initially training my people I make sure that they’re absolutely comfortable with what they’re supposed to say to the customers before just letting them go out and do their thing. This usually takes less than 20 min. I check in with them when needed to make sure what they’re saying still gets the basic point across and hasn’t been too skewed.

I feel like I create “buy in” by showing people the harmony with which the current employees work together to achieve. It’s very well established that there is the common goal of making College Pro work for all of us, and certain people (Jake & I) are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve on any given day. Usually we set a relatively ambitious goal for the day, complete that goal, and then set another goal and try to complete that as well. Our goal setting combined with our collective focus is how we’re able to make $1,000-$1200 in four or five hours.

My people are in it for the experience of achieving something as well as making money, and I try to find people who would like to become College Pro franchisees as well. It’s wonderful to see the faces of new employees when you tell them that “we just made a grand today for our company!”


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