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Feb 5

College Pro: Not Just Another Paint Job

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As an owner of a College Pro Painters Franchise, I was able to create jobs for students this past summer.  Not only was it one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, but it also it taught me how to deal with employees and offer the best service possible.

There are countless jobs for students out there today. Many, however, don’t add much value to a student’s future. College painters are a small slice of the student body who are driven with a desire to learn how to operate a business, by actually doing it! With your/our community’s support we are encouraging the next generation to get up and do something substantial with their lives.  It is not just another generic job for students.


Running a College Pro Painters business allows them first-hand experience dealing with customers, problem solving and putting that knowledge into actual real world practice.  This real world experience gives students a heavy load of responsibility, teaches how to overcome adversity and how handle a higher load of responsibility. By choosing College Pro Painters you are supporting and believing in a young individual. We all appreciate the support and it helps boost our confidence tremendously.

Students are preparing and implementing their very own marketing plans and managing their financials at the same time. How many jobs for students allow the actual student to delegate major business practices and put their ideas into action?  These students want more then an entry-level position and they are willing to work hard for it.  It’s nice that after many summers working in various fields I was able to actually be the one to create jobs. Together, my team and I built a nice small business with 100% customer satisfaction.  We were committed to making sure every job was done to the customer’s utmost satisfaction, and we would not leave until the jobsite was perfectly clean.

College Pro Painters brings love to every job.  We are all building a name for ourselves and this is just the beginning. Please help support College Pro Painters because behind every painter is a driven student looking for a chance. All our customers believe in us and encourage us to reach for the sky. Without our generous customers we may never have that opportunity to shine!


Thank you.

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