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Aug 11

College Pro Painters Give Back

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College Pro PaintersChoosing to paint your home can be a large financial commitment, and with the current state of the economy, this necessity is often not an option for some homeowners. But it is often in times of need that we find ourselves reaching out to help one-another. One company that exemplifies the spirit of giving is College Pro Painters. This company has been actively involved in helping the community for over 40 years now, not only on a corporate level, but through supporting and encouraging franchisees to do the same.

College Pro Painters is a student painting company operating in the US and Canada where ambitious college students have the unique opportunity to run a painting franchise for a summer. As a company that works with and supports local franchisees, community involvement has always been extremely important to the company. College Pro Painters CEO comments, “A fresh coat of paint on the outside of our home for many of us is just a matter of planning ahead and saving some money. But, for some in our community, coming up with the funds, especially in these difficult economic times, is impossible. Fortunately, we have an answer for that.”

College Pro Painters has been actively involved in a number of non-profit endeavors; donating over $850,000 worth of time and resources since 2004 to help improve housing in underprivileged areas. College Pro also supports a number of third party non-profit organizations such as the Make it Right Foundation, a group that has helped rebuild New Orleans lower 9th Ward in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and the Kids Help Phone, a Canadian organization dedicated to national phone counseling for young adults.

College Pro Painters has also been active in supporting local franchisees wishing to make a difference in their community. This summer two student franchisees, Nick Jackson and Sam Yudes, will be participating in the local “College Pro Home Makeover Patrol.” The Makeover Patrol program selects a family or business in need to receive a fresh exterior paint job, an estimate donation of nearly $5,600 in material and labor.

CEO Tony Valle sums up the sentiment of the College Pro giving spirit; “One of our core values is to respect the individual. Respecting others and working together is never more relevant than when it contributes to the good communities we live in.”

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