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Jun 14

College Pro Painters: Quality Exterior Painters

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College Pro PaintersPainting is a task that requires multiple steps. Your home’s surface type, its present condition and even the weather affect the proper way to approach the task. Putting together an exterior painting plan is key to avoiding mistakes that may require bringing in a professional to resolve. Knowing the amount of preparation required, the right type of supplies and equipment as well as what you’re getting yourself into can greatly influence the final product.

Start by assessing the level of difficulty. Painting your home’s exterior may require everything from patching holes with wood glue to replacing rotting trim. What’s more, you often have to perform these preparatory steps while balancing on a ladder. It’s important to outline each step you need to take, and then ask yourself if you can or want to do it. Inviting in a professional painting service for an estimate is a good idea if you are not skilled in identifying possible pitfalls. Weighing your skill level with the demands of the job can protect your pocketbook as well as your personal safety. After the evaluation, you might decide on hiring a professional painter. Quality exterior painters can be found at affordable prices. College Pro Painters is one option that may be available in your community.

Research the correct supplies and equipment for the job. If you noticed cracks in your window trim, you will need to purchase material to patch and sand the damaged areas. When you paint the exterior, it’s also a good idea to caulk the trim. Homes in arid climates often bask in the sun all day. Selecting the right paint to protect your home is as important as choosing the right jacket to keep you warm on the slopes. Brushes and rollers work great on doors and exterior trim, but using these tools to cover a large surface area is not very productive. If you’re painting the entire exterior of your home, it might be best to use a sprayer. Last but not least, keep in mind the supplies you will need to keep your work area clean and organized.

Preparation can make or break the quality of your exterior paint job. Failing to clean the area properly or to scrape away flaking paint will hinder the new coat from producing the desired effects. Remove or cover any hardware you don’t want painted. Also check your gutters and downspouts. If they are worn or damaged, remove them and have them replaced after you have painted. Clear the area of all objects, including garden hoses, wind chimes and outdoor furniture. If you are spraying on paint, you will also need to cover sidewalks and nearby foliage to prevent overspray from adding color.

Painting your home’s exterior is a laborious undertaking. Taking the time to create a detailed plan in the beginning can help you make informed decisions. The best decision may be to contract a professional service such as College Pro Painters.

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