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Mar 17

College Pro Painters Success Stories

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College Pro Painters Success StoriesCollege Pro Painters gives college and university students the opportunity to learn how to successfully run their own businesses by providing all of the hands on training they could possibly need. The company was launched in 1971 by a college student who needed to figure out a way to pay for his schooling by working during the summer.  In the 40 years since its launch, College Pro Painters has given thousands of young entrepreneurs a chance to start their own business and do it right.

There have been many success stories from these student entrepreneurs over the years, all seeming to express the same opinion; they learned a lot from their time with College Pro Painters. Another thing all these young entrepreneurs have in common is that they all agreed that what you give is what you ge

t. The amount of dedication, hard-work and effort you put into your business will ultimately dictate the results you work toward. Franchisee James Ellis from Clarkston, Michigan had a great experience with College Pro Painters, and says, “I know how to efficiently run a full-scale business, including hiring employees, training painters and job-site managers, and selling a quality product to a potential customer.”

Customers of College Pro Painters agree that these student entrepreneurs are extremely attentive and detail-oriented. One satisfied customer, Mr. Fahey, had this to say about his franchisee Nathan Harte, “In this day where quality workmanship can be difficult to find, the College Pro team, under the direction of Mr. Harte, is a reminder of the good old days. I’m most happy to give them my unqualified recommendation”.

There are many success stories, both from franchisees and from pleased customers with College Pro Painters. The learning experience that these student entrepreneurs are presented with is something that they will be able to apply to their future career endeavors. Keeping a customer happy will also be beneficial to their success by creating and maintaining references for their future. College Pro Painters has proven time and again that they’re a win-win situation for both young entrepreneurs and homeowners looking for a painting company they can trust.

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