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May 19

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College Pro Painting FranchisesNow that spring rains and harsh summer sunlight are upon us, your home is likely to suffer significant damage to its siding and paint job.  While the do it yourself types may have the inclination and free time to purchase ladders, paint, brushes, finish, and cleaning chemicals, there are plenty of the rest of us who would rather have someone else deal with the stress!  Of course, the cost of hiring out a painting job can be nearly as big a frustration as doing it on your own time, making more and more homeowners turn to independent services in order to save money.  The most popular house painting service, known as College Pro, has a winning formula for their employees and their customers.

As the name suggests, College Pro employs university students and recent graduates, rather than turning to highly paid professionals.  While some homeowners may be nervous that a college student may not be a satisfactory worker, the reality is that all College Pro painters are hand selected for their dedication and industrious nature.  A College Pro franchise carefully selects certain university students who have shown both the ability to work diligently and the commitment to seeing a job finished.  This means that your out of pocket expenses may be much less in comparison to union laborers,

The company is a member of the Better Business Bureau, while also sporting the credentials of an EPA Certified renovation firm.  As such, their franchises deliver high quality painting services at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.  This summer, choose an affordable and practical solution to your house painting, needs with an efficient College Pro home improvement team.

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