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Apr 15

College Pro Presents A Fabulous Opportunity For Ambitious Students

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College Pro Presents A Fabulous Opportunity For Ambitious StudentsA tough economy and a tight job market can make finding money for college tuition, books, and room and board a real challenge for students. There are some unique jobs available for ambitious students determined to succeed during these difficult times. College Pro presents a terrific opportunity for hard-working college kids to earn money while completing their studies. Painting keeps these students physically active, allows them to work outdoors and provides a valuable service to neighborhoods and busy homeowners.

College Pro also helps these young people learn basic business and sales skills. Part of the job includes making sales calls in neighborhoods, explaining the available services and prices, and gathering leads for potential new customers. This is done for a few hours at the end of a workday, and it involves good old-fashioned knocking on doors and providing company information to homeowners.

Trim work alone can generate a lot of business for College Pro. Even modern, brick and vinyl homes have eaves, downspouts and soffits that need to be periodically spruced up. Many homeowners are happy to turn this work over to young people, especially if they know they are helping them work their way through school.  A team of painters can complete trim work on a house in a day, saving at least a weekend’s worth of work for the owner.

Traditional wood houses require considerably more time and work, but College Pro will handle that challenge as well. It is an outstanding and creative business that performs a valuable service while generating jobs for determined college students. The kids have the added benefits of being able to listen to their favorite music and getting lots of fresh air while earning an honest living. It is simply one of the best business opportunities available right now.

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