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Aug 11

College Pro Puts Safety First

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College Pro Text messaging is not the wave of the future, it’s already here! Texting offers a quick, easy way to stay in touch with everyone in your life. In fact, according to a Nielsen Mobile survey conducted in 2009, mobile phone users are sending nearly twice as many text messages as they are making phone calls.

The significance here is not that text messaging is popular or effective; the real story is about a company that has devised a way to harness that power and is using it to improve the working conditions and ultimately the safety of their team, which is exactly what College Pro Painters and College Pro Window Cleaning have done.

College Pro is a painting and window cleaning company that hires student Franchise Managers to operate a local business for a year at a time. College students have a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of owning a business without having to invest life saving or years of time. These franchisees own their franchise for a summer and then head back to school in the fall with a head full of business knowledge.

The obvious concern here is the safety of these young College Pro Franchise Mangers. Exterior house painting can be a hazardous job, which is why many informed consumers choose to use a professional painting contractor in the first place. Add that element of danger in with a relatively young staff and you can see why College Pro always places safety first.

This year College Pro rolled out their latest in safety innovation; weekly summer safety tip texts to all their franchisees and Franchise Managers. In addition to the rigorous safety training already offered prior to starting painting or window cleaning, these text messages offer weekly tips from the corporate offices and seasoned College Pro team members that help keep safety on the top of painters, window cleaning technicians, and franchisees minds.

College Pro CEO Tony Valle states: “To me, it’s a natural evolution in the company’s constant push to communicate the importance of safety on the job. Given the demographics of the young people we work with, texting seems the most effective way to get our message across and stress the importance of adhering to job-site safety measures. Along with our student managers and painters doing a great job for our customers, safety is the company’s number one concern.”

And through initiatives like the text message safety updates, College Pro lives their words through action. This is just another example of how this company truly cares and rallies around their team.

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