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Sep 21

College Pro Skills That Help You Succeed As A Student

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By: Kristy Nieboer, Media & Marketing Intern

Planning and Scheduling:

Running a College Pro Painters or College Pro Window Cleaning franchise requires scheduling every minute of every single day in advance. Productivity is achieved by using all your time wisely. Initially, the amount of scheduling and College Pro Skills That Help You Succeed As A Studentorganization that is required to be successful can be overwhelming. However, by the end of the summer, College Pro franchisees have the skills to organize and manage multiple tasks at once. These skills can be seriously useful when returning to university or college in the fall. Heavy course loads, extra curricular activities, and part time jobs while in school can be difficult to maintain. College Pro franchisees would find the above schedule easy to manage after running a summer business.  They have had to overcome huge challenges, cope through demanding situations, and can then handle whatever school has to throw at them.


Goal Setting:

A huge part of the College Pro culture and experience is setting and achieving goals. Franchisees have goal setting and review meetings at the start of each week with their general managers. They then have that week to achieve their goals, and review their successes and failures the following week. Although this seems repetitive, it shapes the College Pro franchisee’s goal setting and accountability habits.  It works to ensure a goal oriented mindset is natural in everything a College Pro franchisee sets out to do. Setting and achieving goals can definitely benefit any student, especially if you have achieved success in the past and need to repeat that. Goal setting in school could include achieving certain marks, finishing projects by certain deadlines, or even gaining a specific role in campus clubs. College Pro franchisees have found that it is easier to achieve school related goals after being coached on goal setting in their businesses all summer long.


Coaching & Support:

College Pro Skills That Help You Succeed As A Student - College Pro SuccessIt is common student behavior to avoid getting help with classes, scheduling, and program information.  Whether this is a pride issue, laziness, or general lack of care is unclear. With College Pro, students are running a franchise, which means they are ultimate responsible for all aspects of their business. Because this is unlike anything most students have experienced before, College Pro franchisees are provided with a lot of training and coaching throughout the process. They have managers they can turn to if they need support, or are unsure of how to proceed.  It’s not to say problem solving on your own isn’t encouraged – but there is always someone to ask when you’re in a bind, and that can often be when asking for help is the hardest.   The same can be said for life as a student, asking for assistance from a guidance counselor, teacher’s assistant, professor or perhaps even alumni!

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