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Feb 5

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Throughout the whole College Pro experience, you have numerous conversations with General Managers, mentors, fellow first-time franchisees, recruiters, and senior franchise owners. These interactions help create relationships that will aid in the success of your business throughout the summer and well into the future. Whether it be with College Pro or elsewhere, these relationships last because you are about to engage in something not many students choose to be a part of.


In the “pre-season”, the winter before your business officially kicks off, there will be about three training sessions. These are over the weekend, usually three days, with all of the franchisees in the area getting together to learn different aspects of running a business and to share stories. At these sessions you are taught everything from marketing to painting, to sales, and motivating not only yourself but others as well. For example, on the first day you will learn several different things, the second day you will come back with a focus on say marketing. Then later the second day you will actually go out and watch how others market by phone and going door-to-door, with you trying so after. This type of learning allows you to be engaged and trains you quickly so you can go out and experience it yourself. Then you will have about four weeks to perform these skills; after about four weeks there will be another training session where everyone is able to meet up and share stories that will help you gain more experience.

All while these training sessions are happening, you are also having weekly meetings with your General Manager to problem solve and set goals. You will also be paired with a senior franchise owner to talk to, ask advice, and simply relate to, because not many college students can relate to this experience. Your mentor has been in the same position as you and obviously came through it if they have been with College Pro two or more years.

Not only that, the President of the company makes visits a few times a year. How many companies can actually say they even know the president’s name or what they look like? With all of these tools, training, and many support systems the only thing holding you back from running a successful business over the summer is YOU.

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