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Sep 17

Exterior House Painting – Myriad of Color Questions

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By: Linda Strong

Exterior House Painting – Myriad of Color Questions  - College Pro Painters

To most of us, our home is the largest and single most important investment of our lives.  College Pro Painters recognizes this, as you will find should you enlist the services of your local College Pro Painters franchise owner.

When choosing a color for the exterior of your home, keep with the simple rules of color.  Dark colors on exterior walls will minimize and lighter colors will give the appearance of larger.

Do you want your home to stand out from the rest?  Perhaps it is set back from the road and you want to give it a disguisable color so it stands out in the distance.  Or do you simply want your home to blend in?

When deciding on a new exterior color, the larger the paint chip the better.  It is recommended not to lay the chip flat on a table for example as the color could appear different, due to reflective light.   Instead hold it upright against the wall.  Also try it on the external wall at different times of the day.  Daylight will cast shadows, depending on the time.  Another consideration is how a color appears in the sunlight and then on a grey or rainy day.  Are the reflections and shadows equally appealing or acceptable to you, as when it is bright and sunny?

Exterior House Painting – Myriad of Color Questions - College Pro Success

You may want to incorporate the opinions of family members or see how you feel about the color chip on 2 or 3 different days.

How do you envision your home?   Do you prefer that your home exterior projects comfort, do you prefer a very neutral look to reflect quiet or even sophistication?  If it’s a simple understated look you’re after, you may decide to choose the same color for both trim and exterior walls, projecting “less is more”.

You also want the exterior to mirror or reflect the interior of your home so there is color balance.  If you have burgundy colored walls in your interior entrance way, you may opt to paint your front door in the same shade or color family.  This will make a smooth transition from outside to inside.

Consider the landscape.  Many exterior paint colors have been chosen to enhance the floral in a garden.  The same can be said about a cottage or home on the water.

Is this house going to be your home for a length of time or are you intending to sell in the near future?  If you are selling your home you likely would choose the neutral pallets or something that is not a personal choice but pleasing to all, with curb appeal.

Benjamin Moore has an excellent web site tool to investigate color options. The Personal Color Viewer gives you a world of color choices and the opportunity to actually see how that color will look on your style of home.  It also works for the trim.  Another option would be the new ColourSnap app from Sherwin Williams for your iPad!

Narrowing the choices to fit your lifestyle and how you would like your home to be perceived is easier to do when you have help with the process.

After investing the time to select just the right exterior color, make sure it continues to look that way long-term.  College Pro Painters uses only top quality paint, and using your local franchise manager as your contractor, is easier than handling the painting task yourself.

All painting contractors are not created equal.  Why not meet with College Pro and see if you feel they are your right painting choice.

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