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Aug 10

Exterior Paint Trim Colors – Give Your Home a Personality of its Own

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The trim on your home is the finishing touch and can be very significant in the curb appeal of your home.

If you liken the exterior of your home to a piece of art, would you hang that art without an appropriate frame?  An appropriate color of frame will depict the portion in the canvas color that you wish to bring attention to and draw out.   Equate that thought to the exterior trim of your home.

You have spent a great deal of time – sometimes hours—invested in choosing the primary exterior color for the exterior of your house.  The trim can enhance that color to transform the design, style, or it can simply be a reflection your personal taste.

The color you choose should not only compliment the exterior house color but the color of your roof and don’t forget about the garage door especially if attached to your home.

What area or part of the country you live in you may have an influence on the color you choose and the color of the trim that frames your home.   For example if you live on the east coast, you may opt for a Cape Cod feel in the color of the trim.  If you live in a major cosmopolitan city you may opt for sleeker monochromatic look or a classic color of trim.  If you live near the water you might choose a color for your trim that is clean and fresh like the air and water.   If you live in a sunny hot dry climate you would likely choose a hot bright color in the trim to accent the heat and the temperature.   If you live where there is an abundance of snow, you probably wouldn’t choose a white or light color, but a trim color that is going to show your home when blended with the snowy backdrop.   If you reside in the country perhaps it would be a primary color from your garden to blend in with your picturesque landscape.

Or perhaps the trim will reflect your style and give the exterior of your home a certain persona.  You can transform the style of your home to take on a European or Mediterranean flair, by simply choosing the trim color that reflects it.  Perhaps you prefer the more classic styles of tudor or colonial, or a seaside feel, or the monochromatic touch of a more modern style.

Possibly you have a specific element on the exterior of home to enhance.  The shutters and veranda railings, if painted in a white can give your home a sense of distinction.  In a neutral cream or if you go monotone, it can soften and give a very soothing effect.   Taupes and greys will add a classic feel.  Trim painted in the shades of nature will feel tranquil and tie in easily with your landscape.

Feel  uncertain?  Call College Pro (1-800-327-2468).   Your local College Pro franchisee would be happy to help.

There are many choices when it comes to enhancing your home’s exterior color by using the correct trim color to achieve your desired end result.  The finished optical effect is going to add a value component, and distinguish the visual facade of your home.  The correct choice will give the exterior of your home a personality all its own.

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