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Aug 15

Fall is on the way, one of the Best Times to Paint with College Pro

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College Pro PaintersSummer is quickly fading and autumn is in sight. Kids are going back to school, leaves will begin to change and you are thinking about painting your home’s exterior. Wait, exterior painting in the fall? Yep. College Pro, one of the oldest and most respected student-run painting companies in the United States and Canada, reminds homeowners to not discount fall as a great time to paint your home.

While College Pro acknowledges the obvious benefits to painting in the summer, such as long days of light and sunshine, fall painting most certainly has its perks as well. Painting in the summer will give you the daylight savings advantage (an extra hour a day to get work done), and summer has perhaps the most predictable weather, but consider that while it may be sunny in the summer months, in many areas you are battling humidity. Excess humidity can create a challenge for outdoor painting. Primer, topcoats and basecoats will take longer to dry, sometimes days longer than expected.

If you are looking to hire a professional painting contractor, such as College Pro, remember that summer is the high volume painting season. Contractors will be harder to book, and some may even raise their prices in the summer due to the high level of demand.

Pile heat and humidity on top of price inflation, and you can certainly see the up side to later-in-the-year painting. If this summer is any indication, outdoor activities between June and August mean battling temperatures in the 90’s and 100’s. Even the most ambitious do-it-yourselfer will have a hard time staying productive in those conditions. Fall’s temperatures are almost guaranteed to drop 15-20 degrees, making your job much “cooler.”

If you are serious about painting your home in the fall make sure you start early, July and August are good planning months. If you have everything prepped and ready to go, you will have the cooler, drier month of September to work with.

College Pro also recommends that fall painters get an early start to the day. Once daylight savings hits you may only have sunlight until 5 or 6pm, so it’s early to rise so you can make the most of your time. Happy Painting!

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