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Apr 17

Green Painting With College Pro

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Green Painting With College Pro

College Pro may be a good opportunity for those who desire to live green in all aspects of their lives.  Working to give college students job opportunities for interior and exterior painting, College Pro encourages green techniques.  When deciding to paint the home, one does not have to sacrifice quality service in order to be green with College Pro.  In fact, there are many things one can do to paint in an environmentally friendly fashion with a service like College Pro.

The way to begin is to use eco-friendly paints that will have little or no effect on the environment.  There are acrylic paints that contain little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so there is less risk of releasing elements that lower the air quality or contribute to urban smog.  One can identify this type of paint if it has a LEED certification symbol on its container.  If possible, pure acrylic water-based latex paints are more ideal.

One should also try to use all the paint to reduce the chance of waste.  Besides, an extra coat of paint provides an extra level of protection.  If one has to dispose of the paint, he or she needs to convert it to solid waste so that it can be put out with the regular trash.  If one must store unused paint, the lid needs to be sealed as tightly as possible and placed upside down.

If one expects to paint for more than one session, the tools should be wrapped in plastic rather than cleaned after every session.  When the painting project is done, all materials and containers should be scraped free of paint.  Any cleaning should be done in a sink or basin in a drain in order to keep paint from getting on the ground and in drinking water.

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