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Dec 2

Have Fun this Summer with College Pro

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You’ve heard the motto “Work Hard, Play Hard”, and, at College Pro, this couldn’t be more true.  I’ve just spent a decade of my life with College Pro, and the wealth of opportunities, skills and pure fun it has afforded me is immense.

Here’s a bit of my story and how the fun I had my first summer with College Pro Painters helped to shape my direction during and after my University degree.  In 2001, I started studying Biochemistry at University with a future goal of eye surgery.  I also began searching for college student opportunities, and stumbled across College Pro.  During my first year, I was hired as a franchise owner.  What happened over the next 3 years dramatically changed my course in life.  I ran a successful summer business with College Pro, and had a crazy roller-coaster ride that first summer.  I worked harder, in terms of both challenges and actual hours, than I had ever worked previously, but I also achieved success in my business that stood for itself in terms of scope.  What may have been more important, and the driver behind changing my career path, was the experience I had working with people.  I managed residential paint jobs for 90 families in my community – all of whom recommended my company.  I also employed 10 friends throughout the summer, and was still friends with them at the end of August.  It was critical to me that my friends had an enjoyable and profitable experience, while doing some pretty tough physical labour.  Never before had I been responsible for payroll while also making sure people had fun…and they did have fun.  I’m the first to say that long, hot days of painting aren’t always top notch; but, having the creative license to take my team swimming midday, or pop by with Slurpies for a break, or round up the troops for a Thursday night road trip to play volleyball and baseball with other painting teams then start work a bit later on Friday sure made things fun.  The experiences I had leading my people were the real difference-makers for me; these experiences gave me a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment that I never experienced in what I was studying.  I completed my degree, and am proud for that, but I learned through my four years of study that I was passionate about coaching and leading people, skills that I learned while at College Pro.

Now, College Pro Painters and College Pro Window Cleaning are not for the faint of heart.  For those who like to sink their teeth into a challenge and test themselves, this is the place to do it.  And it’s not all work.  I’ve had the opportunity to do some incredible things:  I’ve attended conferences all over North America; I’ve hosted social events in the Bahamas; I’ve been to major leagues sporting events; I’ve seen Cirque du Soleil multiple times; I’ve dabbled in extreme sports with my colleagues (white water rafting, bungee jumping & skydiving); I’ve gone on numerous camping trips; I’ve run around amusement parks like I was 10 again… and the list goes on and on.  10 years in, I know it’s the people and the fun we have together that keeps me around.  I just don’t know where else I’ll have this much fun?

Lastly, let’s not forget the roster of skills I’ve gained through College Pro that I now boast:  coaching, leadership, interviewing, selling, conflict resolution, meeting management, planning and scheduling, priority management, facilitation, social event planning… I’m excited about where these can take me, and I’m still having a blast.

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