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Oct 15

How Can College Pro Painters Help You?

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By: Matt Xhignesse


How Can College Pro Painters Help YouJumping into the business world is no easy feat. It takes courage, hard work, and a little bit of luck. College Pro Painters offers a program that can help you develop in ways that you could not possibly have imagined before working as a franchisee or painter. College Pro success stories are varying in scope – some people get a little, some people get a lot, but nobody leaves without learning something fantastic for themselves.


My College Pro Success story delves into one primary area: organization. Up until the time that I was chosen as a franchisee with College Pro Painters, I often found myself semi-organized at best. I knew by when things had to be done, but I would often not have much of a plan of action for getting everything done. This led to scrambling around deadlines to get everything completed – something that most people have felt at some point. It’s certainly not fun.


Then College Pro Painters came by and my responsibilities grew significantly. At first, this seemed like an insurmountable amount of stuff to do – organizing employees, marketing, administration of business affairs…it was a lot, and felt like a tornado that I couldn’t stick my hand into without being whipped around like a helpless leaf. But College Pro Painters does not leave you alone and helpless. I went to my General Manager to get some help. What he told me has stuck ever since: make a master schedule! All it takes is a few minutes of your time, once a week, to get yourself comfortably organized. On his advice, I created a Google doc schedule – you can do it all from there, putting in each event with ease. You’ll have a visual on everything that you have coming up, and you can plan when you will do the necessary preparations.


Once I was given that info and began to really follow the schedule, sticking to it like glue, the whole world practically slowed down. I knew what I had to do at all times, and I knew how long I needed. It takes a little practice to know your own rhythms, how long it takes to do certain things. For example, I found out quickly that I needed to give myself a little more time for financial planning and calculating than anything else, so I made sure there was ample time in the schedule for that. Having that visual guide that you follow closely makes everything fall into place. Never again was I worried about what had to be done, and whether or not I could do it all! Sure, little things come up that can throw a wrench in the works, but the mark of College Pro success is being meticulously organized so that if something does come up, you’ll be able to work around it. If you are impeccably scheduled, knowing how long it takes to get the job done, then you’ll have enough freedom in your schedule to deal with any immediate issues.


That’s just one example of a way that College Pro Painters can help you. Since learning to master schedule, my whole life is more organized! It’s not hard, only takes a few minutes, and makes your life so much less hectic. No more tornadoes, only clear, sunny skies…maybe with the occasional cloudy break. Find out how College Pro Painters can change your life for the better!

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