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Oct 25

How College Pro can help you “Recession Proof” your Career

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It’s been about 23 years since I was a franchise manager for College Pro Painters.  Since that time, we have been through three recessions, including the current “Great recession”.  Government labor statistics suggest youth unemployment is at an all time high. Successful College Pro Painters and College Pro Window Cleaning franchise managers don’t care that much about statistics.

Let me tell you why.  As a College Pro Painters or College Pro Window Cleaning franchise manager:

  • You deal with real money, real customers, real success, and real failure: Starting a business at an early age, when you have less to lose, creates a strong foundation and relevant experience.
  • You have a support system: You can go it alone as an entrepreneur, or work within a franchise system. We have always believed that if you can learn key skills within a system, your chances of success increase significantly.
  • You gain real, proven experience, which Employers, and Investors, look for: Whether you become an employee or start your own business and need a bank or investor to lend you money, you will need to answer a key question:  Why should they invest in you?  Answer: Because you have been there, you are road tested, you can lead people, you can solve problems.

Think about it. Your summer experiences should differentiate you.  Only about 1% of the student population has what it takes to be an entrepreneur. If you are among the 1% AND you are successful running your business, you will be ahead of the pack.

As the CEO of College Pro, I have one of the best jobs in the world. I work with over 750 young entrepreneurs every year who care about making a difference, taking risks and doing a great job. In an era where youth entitlement is front and center, these young men and women are making their own luck.

So, how do you recession proof your career? One way is to be an entrepreneur and never need a job. Another is to make sure, while others are on the sidelines, you are not.

We are always happy to hear from young entrepreneurs, and are currently interviewing across North America for franchise managers.  Contact us at

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