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Aug 19

How to Become a College Pro Painters Franchise

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college pro paintersYou may have heard about us on your school campus, through an advertisement or from a friend or colleague who has been in the College Pro Painters Franchise Manager program, but you probably have questions about us and who we are. The following is meant to give you an overview of College Pro Painters and the opportunity we offer to college students.

College Pro Painters is the oldest and most respected student-run painting company in the United States and Canada. Every year we select a handful of young, enthusiastic students to join our program. Essentially, every College Pro manager is trained and coached to own and operate a seasonal painting franchise. That means you receive a territory to cover, and you handle all the day to day aspects of running a small business; from hiring employees and balancing your budget, to estimating painting jobs and talking to customers. College Pro Painters is with you all the way to support you with supervision, national advertising and generating leads. If you succeed, so do we.

The first step to owning a College Pro Painters franchise is to do your research. Our program is time intensive and is not for everyone. Know your capabilities before you apply; small business ownership is a big responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

If you have reviewed the College Pro Painters opportunity and are getting excited, you’re ready for the next step, which is applying. Applications are accepted online and will be carefully reviewed by a College Pro professional. If your application makes it to the next round you will be scheduled for a series of interviews; parents are more than welcome to sit in on these interviews and ask questions.

If you are selected as a College Pro Painters Franchise Manager, it’s time to train, train, train! You will attend numerous workshops and training sessions that will prepare you for everything from budget management to quality control. And once your training is done, you will be assigned a local General Manager who will be there throughout your time with College Pro to help you with any ongoing questions or concerns you may have.

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