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Oct 5

Just another day with College Pro Painters

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By: Matt Xhignesse


College Pro Painters offers a fantastic opportunity for you to get right into the business world. A student’s success in this domain is based on the way that you carry out your day. It is a very busy life – you’re not just going to be coasting, you’ll be working hard. That is not to say that College Pro Painters is all about making life miserable. Rather, it is about helping you learn to balance your work life and personal life, ensuring that you’re healthy and productive on all sides. And when you’ve got it right, it’s a pretty fine deal. So here’s a little “student success guide,” to show you how the College Pro Painters life can work out.

Just another day with College Pro

To start, you wake up bright and early, about 6-6:30am: Prepare your pot of coffee the night before, because fumbling with everything in the morning can end up meaning you’ve got coffee grounds EVERYWHERE. As you eat a good breakfast, take a look at your schedule for the day. You’ll evaluate what jobs you have lined up, who is working where, and what needs to happen to ensure that the work keeps coming in through the week, month, and summer. Send a quick message or give a quick call to your painters, to confirm that they know where to be for the start time. You’re ready to rock.


As you head out the door – let’s say around 7:30am: you’ll be touring around to your jobs sites to deliver any materials that may be needed, to put up some more College Pro Painters signs, and to give a walk-around with customers on jobs that you’re just about to start. You’re essentially making sure that everything will run smoothly through the day without your constant presence. This should occupy a good chunk of your morning. The afternoon will most often be devoted to doing new estimates for clients, as well as further organization for the upcoming days – any scheduling tweaks, etc. It is important to make sure there is always still work coming in for the next week, and that all of your materials are organized in advance.


Finally, once your painters have finished painting in the evenings, you will be marketing. On weekdays, prime hours for door-to-door marketing are in the evenings once folks are home from work. A simple knock and a quick presentation of what work you do will generally suffices, and if you’re in the neighborhood, you can direct a customer’s attention to the work currently going on down the street. In addition to the door-to-door work, you can take this time to call the potential customers your team is sending you to set up estimates in coming days. There is always room for more!


A student success story with College Pro Painters always stems from solid scheduling. With this hard work and careful thought and planning, your business life will be far easier, and, barring any crazy interruptions, a good schedule will mean a good business. Of course, things that you can’t predict will happen. If you know how your affairs run when things are smooth, then putting yourself back on track can always happen. As a final note…don’t forget to clear a night or two to kick back and relax with your friends!


With all of this in mind – have a great summer!

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