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Apr 19

Living Proof: Jim Mathewson And College Pro Painters

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Living Proof: Jim Mathewson And College Pro PaintersWhile the idea behind College Pro Painters has always been to help college students earn some extra money during the summertime, many students gain insight into the world of business that can provide great rewards as the years go by. In some cases, that experience translates directly into future careers, as was the case of College Pro Painters alumnus Jim Mathewson.

Jim started as an ordinary worker for College Pro Painters in the summer of 1999 and rose rapidly thereafter. The next year, 2000, he managed a franchise of his own and added the additional responsibility of being a field advisor to other franchisees in the year 2001. College Pro made Jim an offer he could not refuse; full-time employment as a General Manager in 2002. He held this position for four years before taking his CPP experience out in the wider world of business in 2006.

Based on the skills he acquired working with and for College Pro, Jim was well situated to step into positions of high corporate responsibility. His background in paint technology, plus his proven track record of interfacing with clients and managing employees, landed his current job of National Accounts Manager for AkzoNobel, the world’s largest paint and coatings company.

Reading an interview with Jim is like taking a short course in entrepreneurial achievement. He makes note of the fact that business revolves around the interests of the customer, not the other way round. Successful businesses know that happy customers are synonymous with profits. Countless young men and women have gotten their first taste of this knowledge by working with College Pro Painters. As they apply these early lessons to their own chosen life’s work, they find that the road ahead is easier and more rewarding than it might otherwise have been.

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