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May 23

My Experience at College Pro: My Introduction

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By: Kristy Neiboer – Media & Marketing Intern, College Pro


My Experience at College ProI have just finished my third year in economics at Wilfrid Laurier University. I am hoping to graduate next year with a minor in business, and my goal is to pursue a career in marketing or human resources. For my summer job this year, I was hired as a Social Media and Marketing intern at College Pro. I am one of only a few individuals in the office who have not worked for College Pro in the past, and therefore had no idea what to expect.  This blog will be a series of articles in which I can share my experience, from a newcomer’s point of view.


The College Pro office is filled with people who once worked in the field as window cleaning or painting franchise managers. They enjoyed their experience, achieved success, and pursued a career with the company. This means that these people willingly challenged themselves to run a painting or window cleaning business as a student summer job. I have learned that, while becoming an entrepreneur takes a unique set of skills, a huge part of entrepreneurial success depends on personality. Every individual in the office is incredibly motivated and committed to their job, but all have amazing personalities.


A major part of my role is to increase the awareness and interest in College Pro in university students using social media. It is difficult to convey the concept of College Pro, and the value of a College Pro experience, to students who are simply looking to make money quickly. I understand the initial skepticism of the College Pro experience, as it seems difficult and somewhat unrealistic at first. However, after spending two days in the field with College Pro franchisees, I understand how the challenges and setbacks of the franchise manager job shape the franchisees into successful young entrepreneurs, and allow them to develop skills which cannot be learned in school. While in the field, I had the opportunity to meet a manager who is my age, goes to Guelph University, shares similar interests to me, is very charismatic, and maintains a social life while running a successful business. He is a Window Cleaning Franchise Manager, and this video displays his thoughts on running his own business:


Unrelated to my field work, but interesting to me in my first week was having the chance to put some of my classroom learning to use.  I was asked to complete a ‘competitive analysis’. I instantly remembered learning about this in marketing class, and was surprised that a successful company was executing a tool that I learned at school. I also thought how effective it was to apply something I learned in school to a real life situation, which I’ve often been told (but have never experienced) is the value of having a job during university in an area of interest.  I’m beginning to understand that College Pro deeply values hands-on learning, and this was my own little taste of it.


Stay tuned for what my coming weeks have in store…

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