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Apr 21

Paints and Stains for Decks and Patio: Let College Pro Painters Help You!

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Paints and Stains for Decks and PatioDecks look more beautiful when fresh coats are applied. Examples of coats for decks and patios are stains and paints. Sometimes, it is difficult to choose between paint and stain. This problem can be solved with the help of College Pro Painters. College Pro Painters can evaluate your painting projects and offer advice and guidance. Here are some tips and guidelines to consider when painting or staining a deck or patio:

The Advantages of Stains:

Stains are the best when it comes to making an object simple and attractive. Stains help to make the deck attractive by promoting its natural beauty. The stains come in different tints. They also have the advantage of being resistant to water as a result of their oil content.

The Disadvantages of Stains:

Although stains can really make wood more beautiful, this fact is only true for new wood. Stains applied to old wood can do no good to its appearance. Stains are also not protective under certain climatic conditions unlike coatings such as primer and paints. Accurate decisions on the kind of coats to use can be made by a professional painting company like College Pro Painters.

Advantages of Paints:

Paints are good in increasing the beauty of decks. Paints can be applied on old decks to make them look very new. It is also the best choice for coating wood structures that have different assemblies. Again, it is easier to take care of decks that are coated with paints. Decks coated with paints can last for several years without the application of more paint. This is not the case with stains which must be regularly reapplied to make its effect last long.

Disadvantages of Paints:

It is true that decks that are coated with paints can last longer. However, this is only if the paint is applied correctly. Applying paint the wrong way can make the deck peel in a short time. Again, two types of primer coats have to be applied before the paint. This makes painting more expensive and time-demanding.

As you can see, there are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to painting or refinishing a deck or patio. Although this can be a fun do-it-yourself project for the enthusiastic home owner, when in doubt consult a professional. College Pro Painters have years of experience with patio and deck finishes and can offer the advice and expertise needed to get your home exterior looking amazing!

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