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Jul 10

Selling: What you need to bring to every estimate

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By: Jessica Verhey, College Pro Alumni


Selling - What you need to bring to every estimateSitting in my first Selling training session at College Pro was overwhelming. There was so much to remember, and I was worried.

Would a customer be interested in buying a paint service from me? What if I didn’t book any jobs? How can I show I am reliable?

Luckily, College Pro offered a number of resources to help me gain confidence.

Not only did a general manager come with me to my first three estimates, I attended multiple training sessions to teach me the tools I needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

One such tool is called the Selling Binder. The Selling Binder is like a professional portfolio.

Much like you would bring a resume to a job interview, your Selling Binder is important to bring to every estimate.

Putting effort into the Selling Binder is important, because it sells the painting service while a franchisee is outside completing the estimate.


How to create the perfect Selling Binder:

1)      Include information about you.

Think of this section as the ultimate conversation starter. Why are you an entrepreneur and why did you choose College Pro?

Is there a memorable accomplishment you can share? (For example, I worked with a franchisee that had climbed Mount Everest.)


2)      Before and after photos.

This is a must. Printing large photos of completed jobs is a great way to set expectations with the customer.

Want to go the extra mile? Put the past customer comments beside the before and after photos.


3)      Painter profiles.

Once you hire painters, include a brief bio about them in the Selling Binder. This gives the customer an idea of whom they will be working with.


4)      Virtual tour.

Take photos of a typical jobsite including: cleanup, ladders, crew-kit, paint store and car. This shows the customer the type of experience they can anticipate when they book a job with you.


5)      Go tech.

If you have the means, offer the customer a virtual Selling Binder by handing over a tablet with information in it. You can play it like a slide show. This could include video testimonials from customers and past job site footage.


Over the years, I have worked with over 300 customers and they all loved my binder. It was like an immediate reference check.

If a customer didn’t know how a finished product would look, I would find an example in the binder. I like to think that my Selling Binder set me apart from competitors and helped me book jobs.


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