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May 27

The Challenges Of Painting Trim By College Pro Painters

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The Challenges Of Painting Trim By College Pro PaintersWhen it comes to painting exteriors, painters know that quality trim work separates the amateurs from the pros. Rolling paint over a thick, flat surface isn’t rocket science, so most people can jump into this task and pull out some pretty good looking results. Trim, on the other hand, requires the steady hand of an artist to crawl along the crevices, dips and curves that make this type of work so difficult. The skilled contractors at College Pro Painters can provide the highest quality trim work available.

The most common approach to this task is painter’s tape. This falls into the do-it-yourself category of house painting. The tape is cheap and easy to find, and a careful painter will bide their time laying it on the surface with disciplined precision. Once the tape is on, painters can start whipping their brushes around with confidence, knowing that a rock-steady hand is not required at the finer edges.

The friendly, qualified workers at College Pro Painters are familiar with the basic steps for painting trim. After you have selected a color and sheen that is just right, the contractors will clean the area thoroughly and scrape any loose or peeling areas if necessary to provide a flat, smooth finish. The painters realize it is best to work from top down, starting off with the eaves, gutters, windows and balconies. College Pro Painters have a wide array of brushes, as well. This ensures that they will have a brush in their arsenal that is the perfect match to tackle your trim job.

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