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May 7

The College Pro Process for Young Entrepreneurs

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Ask the typical 19-22 year old what he/she wants to be doing 10 years down the road and the answer you usually get is something along the lines of:  “I want to be running my own <insert the type> business and I want to be very successful”.   While this is just a dream for most, it will become a reality for 1% of those out there with the guts and drive to set themselves up to make it happen.

For those “forward thinkers” out there, a place exists where you can get yourself moving down that path… quickly.  That place is College Pro – a North American student painting and window-cleaning company that specializes in hiring hundreds of student entrepreneurs to run a business over the spring and summer.

College Pro has been in business since 1971 and is on a mission to develop leadership and management skills in student entrepreneurs. They train their young business owners on all aspects of running a successful small business and they support them each step of the way.  Students sign up for the College Pro program to gain valuable skill and experience, to build their resumes, and to make money over the summer.  It is not uncommon to find ex-College Pro managers in high-level positions in all industries.  Many of them go on to work at one of College Pro’s sister companies or start their own business with the skills they developed during their time as young entrepreneurs at College Pro.

College Pro Process for Young Entrepreneurs

As the typical “successful adult” knows, pushing yourself when you are young to do interesting and challenging jobs will often help indicate what you’ll be in 10 years.  Each piece of experience, whether it is through school or a job, is a building block for where you’ll be down the road.  At College Pro, students are gaining an edge on their peers, and are vaulting themselves towards an amazing future.  They are building their tomorrow, today.

For those with the guts to follow through on their dreams, College Pro is a great place to start. Contact the company at for more information about management opportunities for yourself or someone you know.

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