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Sep 26

The Ultimate Resume Builder: The College Pro Experience

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As the summer months come to an end and college students start heading back to school, they anticipate reuniting with friends, tailgating for football games, and of course, getting back to class. Just as deciding to go to college is a step towards building a bright future, so is seeking work experience outside the classroom. College Pro offers an opportunity for students to do much more than they ever could with an ordinary internship. As a College Pro franchisee, young people can take their futures into their own hands.

College Pro is North America’s largest student-run painting and window cleaning company, serving communities in 28 U.S. states and seven Canadian providences. Aside from providing quality painting and window cleaning services to homeowners, the company offers business-minded college students the chance to own and operate their own painting or window cleaning franchise. The College Pro program is much more than an internship—it provides a challenging, real-life business experience that inspires excellence.

Running a company requires strengths of all kinds; and though not everyone is born with such capabilities, they can certainly be developed through the right experience and guidance. Becoming a College Pro franchisee means students must be prepared to work hard, lead others, and apply what they’ve learned to operating a legitimate business. And, if they’re sincerely committed like so many College Pro alumni have been, they’ll be happy they did it, like former franchisee Ben Vogelsang.

“There is absolutely nothing else I could have done in the last three years to provide myself with a better foundation for my future,” he reflects. “In working with College Pro, I did not just learn a variety of invaluable business skills but also developed immensely as a person.”

College Pro entrepreneurs are giving students the tools they need to develop these business skills. They attend extensive training sessions that not only make them a professional in the industry, but equip them to run their own company, too. They learn the details of business planning and goal setting, financial planning, marketing and sales training, and employee interviewing and hiring, all areas every business owner must know intimately.

Once thoroughly trained, students are expected to run their businesses, though not without the support of College Pro. They’ll manage every aspect of their franchise while developing skills they never thought they had.

“I first discovered who I really was, found my strengths and weaknesses, put myself through challenges with different objectives,” said Martin Caouette, a College Pro alum from Montreal.  “[I gained] more self-confidence and especially learned to live with greater values that the College Pro managers and administrators instilled in me.”

Thousands of students like Martin have made the choice to dive into a College Pro experience; they’ve come out on top, and will reap the benefits of their hard work and dedication for years to come. By becoming a College Pro franchisee, ambitious young people have everything to gain.

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