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Dec 9

Tips for parents of college painters at College Pro:

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College Pro Painters offers a great opportunity for college painters to create their own franchise, run a business, and make a profit. For many parents, this opportunity may seem “too good to be true” but College Pro is the real deal. Like any franchise, it requires hard work, investment costs, and some risk, but if done right can be to one’s advantage. As parents of the future college painters at College Pro, here are some tips to help decide if College Pro is the right choice for you and your college painter.

1.       Be involved in the hiring process: As parents, you should be the key advisors of your student and therefore involved with the initial startup process. Be informed about College Pro and gage if the opportunity is right for your student. Positions like these may not be for everyone, so this is a good chance to ask questions, learn and make sure of your decision.

2.       Understand the numbers: Signing a contract with College Pro makes all finances on your child. They need to be aware of the money inflow and outflow to make sure they are in good financial standing. But understand that if they are in the know of their finances, their business can bring in great revenue.

3. Know the College Pro culture: All the training is provided so that your student is in the know of what is expected and how to succeed. Once they learn how to run an effective business, they can expand their operation and generate more income.

If you know any college painters that may have interest in College Pro, visit the College Pro Painters website to gain more insights on this great opportunity.

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2 Responses to “Tips for parents of college painters at College Pro:”

  1. Justin F says:

    Very interesting article.
    My son is actually considering starting working during his college next year and College Pro is actually at the top of the list of his options.

  2. Jack53 says:

    College Pro is an amazing franchise opportunity that you do not want to waist.
    I own a College Pro franchise in West Coast and all I have to say is: GO FOR IT, you will be positively surprised.
    I remember when I first started I was kind of skeptical about the company, then my parents helped me out on the decision process and they convinced me to be part of this experience. The author of this article is right, your parents are a valuable source for this business, they are you mentors, so listen to them and follow their advices.


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