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Nov 7

Tips for Student Entrepreneurs from College Pro

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For the young, motivated, college or university student who is looking into entrepreneurship, the forgiving nature of the marketplace towards student entrepreneurs provides a great opportunity to jump in and explore the possibilities.  In addition to the market’s encouragement, being young also provides some great advantages to the aspiring entrepreneur.  You have the least to lose at this point in life, and you have time to work through the learning curve.  Additionally, there are a few outstanding programs willing to provide the hands on training and support necessary for your development, with little to no up front capitol required on your part.  A couple of programs that I have first hand knowledge of are College Pro Painters and College Pro Window Cleaning.  They have a long-standing history of providing hands-on experience to train and coach student entrepreneurs through the challenges that occur during the path to success.

The best thing any student entrepreneur can do is get out and get experience! Find a company or a program that will let you get in there and build a business plan, manage the financials, even work through some real conflict resolution.  Communication and problem solving are huge keys in the success of any business and the only way to build your skill level is to physically work through these areas as well as many other skills (i.e. selling, leadership, and customer service).  College Pro Painters, as the example program, provides students with an opportunity for full ownership of a College Pro Painters or College Pro Window Cleaning business.  Each student is provided with substantial development opportunities through various training sessions, weekly business analysis and in-field coaching.  Through the College Pro Painters internship program, students wanting to learn about being an entrepreneur actually get to try it out and develop their skill base by running their own business for the summer.

All in all, the most effective way to learn is by doing.  Get involved – work with an organization that will provide coaching and developmental focus towards student entrepreneurs! Entrepreneurial ventures not only provide great development for those desiring to run their own business in the future; they also provide exceptional hands-on experiences in every aspect of a business

If you would like to look into the opportunities listed above with one of North America’s longest running and most successful student companies, visit and see what they have to offer.

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