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Aug 27

Tips from College Pro Painters: Exterior House Painting – Color Choices & Mood

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Tips from College Pro Painters -  Exterior House Painting – Color Choices & MoodMost of us don’t paint the exterior of our homes every year or two, and we live with our color choices for a fairly long time.  College Pro Painters understands this and their franchisees would be pleased to assist you with the tools to make your color selection, as a part of the College Pro Painters experience.

Some of us are quite content to simply keep the same color each time we have the exterior of our home painted.   However, for the adventurous homeowner, there are a tremendous amount of color options.  When we talk about color, we not only think about the exterior walls of our home, but the full package, including the trim, main door, garage door(s), and railings.

Color is a part of daily life but it does indeed affect our daily lives.  We can’t go through a minuscule of a second in time, without color affecting us.  That being said, the colors we elect to surround ourselves with, generally have a profound impact and personal effect on us.

The color choices we make and lean towards usually project the colors that we each think of as pleasant.  It can be a color that brings back an enjoyable memory – perhaps blue for that wonderful cruise vacation you took.  Most color choices are subconscious. Perhaps a color reminds you of a loved one such as violet, which was your grand mom’s favorite flower or maybe a specific beige simply because that was the color of the family cottage where many a good time was had.   The possibilities are endless.  Whatever the root reason, our color choices speak to us on personal experience.

We think of color as being personal, but each color also has universal meaning.  There is much to read about how color and mood are closely connected.

Red is generally considered a color that energizes and stimulates.  In more subtle lighting red can be alluring, rich and classic.  Yellow captures the sunny outdoors; however it can also be an irritating color.  It has been proven that tempers are more likely to be lost in a yellow room.  A dark color such a purple can reflect drama, extravagance and indulgence.  Friendlier colors are soft or light blues, while soft violet or lavender is relaxing.  Soothing would be green.

All neutral colored exterior paint has an underlying base color no matter how neutral it is.  Does the white you chose have a gray or creamy undertone? The gray, a  lavender undertone?

You’re the one who has to live with and enjoy your new paint color, so choose a hue that suits you, your family and your lifestyle.

Your home is your castle and with the assistance of your College Pro Painters manager, they will provide options enabling you to solve the color mystery. Call 1-800-32-PAINT (7-2468)

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