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Jan 14

What Makes a Great Entrepreneur?

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College Pro Painters, college paintersCollege Pro Painters have made a name for themselves by providing valuable opportunities for young people. The College Pro Painters franchise program has enabled hundreds of college students to achieve financial success while gaining invaluable business skills. But what makes a good college painter franchise candidate?

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of College Pro. Entrepreneurs take risks and dream up imaginative new ways to make money. Think about it. They don’t always re-invent the wheel, but they frequently create new accessories or cheaper, more efficient ways to make the wheel. This could be a process, a new service, a new price, or just an alternate way of doing something. Entrepreneurs can be celebrated for their new inventions, but they also can be celebrated for figuring out better, less expensive ways of doing what’s already been done.  Entrepreneurs see things through the eyes of opportunity. These attributes make a great college painter, and a perfect candidate for the College Pro Painters franchise program.

Entrepreneurs aren’t always easily spotted, but they almost always have the same thing in common a rare form of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Not the ADD your over-active nephew has, but a productive and untreatable kind of ADD. Rather than being unable to focus, entrepreneurs frequently have the opposite problem. They may latch on to an idea and go for it at all cost risking life savings, relationships, and even their life, all for the glory of succeeding. And entrepreneurs usually are never short in the idea department. Ask any entrepreneur they probably have more than one idea or business plan. If they are like me, they have a “great idea” folder or similar. It may have sketches, printouts, competitor’s pamphlets, market research, and short hand notes. These notes may be nearly indecipherable, but to the entrepreneur, they’re as valuable as currency.

The College Pro Painters program is designed to give college painters or college students the tools needed to harness their entrepreneurial traits to build an effective and profitable painting franchise.

Entrepreneurs never rest. They plan their day while sleeping and they dream up inventions while showering. The waterproof notebook can be an entrepreneur’s bible. A clear headed and undisturbed entrepreneur is better than any think tank. Constantly thinking, researching, and developing is how they tick.

The entrepreneurial lifestyle doesn’t come without consequences though. Stress, lack of sleep, and emotions constantly running high for the most part is their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. An entrepreneur is to a business, what a mother is to a child: nurturing, growing, loving, and almost always willing to give up everything for their baby.

Some may say entrepreneurs are born, not made, but College Pro Painters has the tools and resources to help that college student with a dream, become a success. Every person will be presented one or many opportunities and or blessed with one or more great ideas. How they react to this is the gas to the entrepreneurial fire we all have burning inside of us. Those who choose the path of entrepreneurship are continually challenged with hurdles and naysayers, but just like any good athlete, overcoming those challenges is the reward that fuels the fire as each roadblock presents itself.

Business is like any sport, with lots of stats and areas of measure. You can constantly compare and relate and strive to make your stats better than others and become that superstar! Most kids have dreamed of hitting that game winning home run, but ask any young baseball star and he will tell you he wants to be a major leaguer. Entrepreneurs are just big kids trying to make the big leagues and in order to get noticed, they too need to hit that home run. Will you swing for the fences?

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