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Jun 18

What You Need to Know Before You Paint Your Home

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College Pro PaintersHome improvement shows have empowered homeowners to tackle all kinds of repair and restoration tasks traditionally delegated to experts. The proliferation of hardware stores, such as Home Depot, has brought supplies for almost any home improvement job within the layperson’s reach. But before you strap on your new tool belt and crawl up a ladder toting a roller and a tray full of paint, you should know that painting your home is surprisingly hard work. On the bright side, you may be surprised to discover that quality professional painting services can be found at affordable prices.

The bottom line is that painting is more difficult than you think. Have you ever painted a small room in your home only to be surprised at how long it took? Removing old paint, puttying and sanding holes, removing hardware and taping around windows is time consuming. It’s not uncommon to find yourself eight hours into the job and just starting to think of applying the primer. What’s worse, the paint job doesn’t always turn out as anticipated. Using a semi-gloss paint on a less-than-perfect surface highlights the defects. If the original goal was to use paint to cover up imperfections, you may find your hard work has been in vain.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that affordable options abound. It’s so easy to find yourself disappointed at the end of an excruciating weekend of painting. And no matter the level of care, without the hands of a professional painter, costly mistakes are virtually impossible to avoid. Set yourself up for success by researching accredited painting services in your community. College Pro Painters employs highly trained young adults across 28 U.S. states and 7 Canadian territories. This is a great option in terms of both quality and affordability. College Pro Painters are a member of the Better Business Bureau and certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to perform painting. You can also feel confident that you are supporting a socially responsible business. The College Pro Painter’s business model supports and develops young entrepreneurs into business managers and leaders who are passionate about creating a positive impact of their community.

So are you ready to paint your home on your own? Perhaps the best, and least expensive, option is to pour a glass of iced tea, and let the expert run the show while you watch your favorite home improvement program.

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