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Apr 25

When To Paint Like A College Pro

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When To Paint Like A College ProPainting your home is an affordable way to renew the look, and feel of your home. Adding vibrant new colors can make you feel like you have bought a brand new house. College Pro can help you update the look and feel of your home at an affordable price. Here are a couple tips from College Pro to ensure the best time for your next painting job:

  1. College Pro recommends summer as the best time to paint the exterior of the home. It will be warm enough for you to be outside, working on ladders and scaffolds. Second, you will be able to avoid the frequent rains of the spring and the fall. You cannot paint while it is raining and you cannot even paint after it rains until the home dries out. If you can find long stretches of clear summer weather, you will get the entire job done quickly.
  2. College Pro also recommends that spring and fall are the best times to paint inside. You do not want it to be so hot in the house that you are uncomfortable while you work; at the same time, you do not want to wait until the winter because you have to leave the windows and doors open for ventilation. The cool air of the fall or the spring will be perfect while you work, and you will not have to worry about the rain while you are inside.

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