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Apr 27

Why You Should Join College Pro Franchise

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Why you should join a College Pro franchiseAlong every college grapevine, year on year floats a loosely drawn and mutable “word of mouth” map. Charting a route lined with fast food places, it is a guide to a promising circuit of streets for students on the pilgrimage of part time or summer employment. Off that beaten path, on an avenue of wider opportunity, you find the College Pro franchise program.

This is not for all students. It is a commitment, not a gig. College Pro Painters student owned franchises have shown consistent growth since first introduced in 1971. Thousands of students have benefited from the experience of operating their own business while in college. To many, this was only possible through the comprehensive assistance provided by this company to its student franchisees.

College Pro Painters and Window Cleaning franchises are service providers, offering window washing and house painting to their communities. The students who purchase the franchises undergo comprehensive training provided by College Pro.

Relatively few student jobs offer the opportunity to learn and develop skills with any real world applications to use when they graduate. Most college students have ambitions beyond the burger. A student operating his or her own small business receives the training and gains experience in all facets of business.

Typically, they will make mistakes. However, confidence soon rebounds as they find College Pro standing behind them with the guidance to keep things on track. This is a productive intervention, provided in the “assistance sans interference” model of involvement that allows for the level of independence so fiercely sought by young men and women of college age.

Operating a business makes demands, compensates initiative, and wavers through highs and lows seldom experienced in salaried jobs. A student considering a College Pro, or any franchise, should do so with full preparation, qualified consultation and honest self-assessment.

This is not for everybody, but if a young person has attributes suited for business, they should not deprive themselves of the array of challenges and the depth of reward offered through self-employment.

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