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Dec 28

Why youth should become entrepreneur college painters:

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Let’s face it; today’s economy is not in favor of young job seekers. There are many uncertainties with the down economy and the “baby boomers” generation delaying retirement from the workforce. These factors make it extraordinarily challenging for young people to find jobs they enjoy, and to pay the bills. That’s why entrepreneurship is a great opportunity for today’s youth. It allows young people to take advantage of their youth and passion to become successful in something they enjoy. College Pro gives this opportunity to entrepreneur college painters, by allowing them to run their own painting businesses. Entrepreneur college painters like Erik Berglund have found College Pro to be a great solution that offers many advantages to anyone willing to work hard and learn.

When I was a franchisee for College Pro, I didn’t realize all of these things. I didn’t choose to learn to run my own business because I had some prescient vision of the future that made it a wise choice. I decided to pursue running my own business because it seemed interesting, I knew the company and business model, and I knew I could do it better. During my franchise, I discovered that it takes hard work to run a business. No, no, I mean hard work. Hard work that my generation is unaccustomed to, because our motivation for doing it hasn’t been aligned with what we wanted for our lives, or so I thought.

When I ran my franchise, I learned the value of people. I learned that a strong team, even one with little or no initial training, can be developed into something that can have an impact. I learned that people have value, and that I can enhance it by impacting their lives. When I ran my franchise, I learned how to make money. I learned that in any economy, with any product, I could deliver something of value to a customer. I learned that I have what it takes to be successful, and that, ultimately, I didn’t have to play the games my parents and grandparents did in the past. I don’t have to come home at the end of the day exhausted, for the rest of my life. Instead, I get to do what I want to do, and make money doing it while linking my passions with my work. By running a College Pro Painters franchise, I employed 15 other youth, impacted a local economy, and developed a set of skills and core beliefs that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

If I could learn these lessons with the simple motivation of “because it’s interesting”, imagine what could be gained by an entire generation with the proper, and necessary, motivations. Today’s youth must embrace the challenge of running their own businesses. They must develop skill sets that will allow them to earn income when no jobs are available, and in environments that appeal to them. They must learn that people have value, and that they can have an impact both on customers and employees by delivering a valuable product. An awesome opportunity exists for today’s youth to embrace these realities: College Pro.

Erik Berglund, Former college painter franchisee with College Pro

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