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Dec 22

College Pro Painters Can Give You the Skills College or University Can’t

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Don’t get me wrong, I love university.  I have spent most of my young adult life with my head in a book.  I’ve had dreams and aspirations towards a professional career in academia.  To this end, I have spent 7 years in post-secondary education; first, for my undergraduate in history, and then my masters in divinity.  My career trajectory has changed since my days in my undergrad at Nipissing towards the priesthood.  You may ask then, why College Pro Painters?  What business does a potential priest have running a business?  Well the reason why I started my own business is that College Pro can give you the skills universities and colleges can’t.

Dec 2

Have Fun this Summer with College Pro

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You’ve heard the motto “Work Hard, Play Hard”, and, at College Pro, this couldn’t be more true.  I’ve just spent a decade of my life with College Pro, and the wealth of opportunities, skills and pure fun it has afforded me is immense.

Nov 7

Tips for Student Entrepreneurs from College Pro

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For the young, motivated, college or university student who is looking into entrepreneurship, the forgiving nature of the marketplace towards student entrepreneurs provides a great opportunity to jump in and explore the possibilities.  In addition to the market’s encouragement, being young also provides some great advantages to the aspiring entrepreneur.  You have the least to lose at this point in life, and you have time to work through the learning curve.  Additionally, there are a few outstanding programs willing to provide the hands on training and support necessary for your development, with little to no up front capitol required on your part.  A couple of programs that I have first hand knowledge of are College Pro Painters and College Pro Window Cleaning.  They have a long-standing history of providing hands-on experience to train and coach student entrepreneurs through the challenges that occur during the path to success.

Nov 5

Make your future what you want it to be with College Pro

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For over 40 years, College Pro has provided a premier opportunity for student entrepreneurs to jump-start their personal and business success.  Your summer experiences should differentiate you.  About  1% of the student population has what it takes to be a student entrepreneur.   There is nothing that compares to the experience you receive with College Pro.  You will never be the same and you will stand above the crowd!

As student entrepreneurs with College Pro we provide the chance to apply your classroom learning, test your entrepreneurial skills, solve real world problems and work toward realizing your full potential.  College Pro offers student entrepreneurs business skills that are unmatched and that prepare you for real life situations.  Build your resume with real business skills that employers are seeking.

Oct 25

How College Pro can help you “Recession Proof” your Career

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It’s been about 23 years since I was a franchise manager for College Pro Painters.  Since that time, we have been through three recessions, including the current “Great recession”.  Government labor statistics suggest youth unemployment is at an all time high. Successful College Pro Painters and College Pro Window Cleaning franchise managers don’t care that much about statistics.

Let me tell you why.  As a College Pro Painters or College Pro Window Cleaning franchise manager:

  • You deal with real money, real customers, real success, and real failure: Starting a business at an early age, when you have less to lose, creates a strong foundation and relevant experience.
Aug 19

How to Become a College Pro Painters Franchise

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college pro paintersYou may have heard about us on your school campus, through an advertisement or from a friend or colleague who has been in the College Pro Painters Franchise Manager program, but you probably have questions about us and who we are. The following is meant to give you an overview of College Pro Painters and the opportunity we offer to college students.

Aug 16

Social Media for the Young Entrepreneur: Tips From College Pro

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college pro paintersAh Social Media, it seems like that’s all anyone is talking about these days, it’s not the future it’s the present. If you are a young college student and are interested in owning a business of your own, Social Media will become more to you than just updating your Facebook status, it will become an important tool that is cost-effective and enables you to reach your audience in a way that is personal and enjoyable to them.

Aug 15

Fall is on the way, one of the Best Times to Paint with College Pro

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College Pro PaintersSummer is quickly fading and autumn is in sight. Kids are going back to school, leaves will begin to change and you are thinking about painting your home’s exterior. Wait, exterior painting in the fall? Yep. College Pro, one of the oldest and most respected student-run painting companies in the United States and Canada, reminds homeowners to not discount fall as a great time to paint your home.

Jun 22

College Pro Success Story

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Cameron Herold is an innovative business leader and was a leading force behind one of the most successful new business ventures of the last decade, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? He was Chief Operating Officer for nearly seven years and his leadership enable the company to build a presence in 46 states, 9 provinces, and 4 countries while being ranked the “2nd Best Company to Work for in Canada” by Canadian Business Magazine and “the #1 Company in BC to Work for” twice by BC Business Magazine. During his tenure, numerous MBA programs studied the company, including the prestigious programs at Queen’s University and Harvard. We caught up with him recently. In the interview, Herold explained how College Pro helped him get to where he is today.

Jun 18

What You Need to Know Before You Paint Your Home

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College Pro PaintersHome improvement shows have empowered homeowners to tackle all kinds of repair and restoration tasks traditionally delegated to experts. The proliferation of hardware stores, such as Home Depot, has brought supplies for almost any home improvement job within the layperson’s reach. But before you strap on your new tool belt and crawl up a ladder toting a roller and a tray full of paint, you should know that painting your home is surprisingly hard work. On the bright side, you may be surprised to discover that quality professional painting services can be found at affordable prices.

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