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Sep 21

College Pro Skills That Help You Succeed As A Student

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By: Kristy Nieboer, Media & Marketing Intern

Planning and Scheduling:

Running a College Pro Painters or College Pro Window Cleaning franchise requires scheduling every minute of every single day in advance. Productivity is achieved by using all your time wisely. Initially, the amount of scheduling and College Pro Skills That Help You Succeed As A Studentorganization that is required to be successful can be overwhelming. However, by the end of the summer, College Pro franchisees have the skills to organize and manage multiple tasks at once. These skills can be seriously useful when returning to university or college in the fall. Heavy course loads, extra curricular activities, and part time jobs while in school can be difficult to maintain. College Pro franchisees would find the above schedule easy to manage after running a summer business.  They have had to overcome huge challenges, cope through demanding situations, and can then handle whatever school has to throw at them.

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Sep 17

Exterior House Painting – Myriad of Color Questions

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By: Linda Strong

Exterior House Painting – Myriad of Color Questions  - College Pro Painters

To most of us, our home is the largest and single most important investment of our lives.  College Pro Painters recognizes this, as you will find should you enlist the services of your local College Pro Painters franchise owner.

When choosing a color for the exterior of your home, keep with the simple rules of color.  Dark colors on exterior walls will minimize and lighter colors will give the appearance of larger.

Aug 10

Exterior Paint Trim Colors – Give Your Home a Personality of its Own

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The trim on your home is the finishing touch and can be very significant in the curb appeal of your home.

If you liken the exterior of your home to a piece of art, would you hang that art without an appropriate frame?  An appropriate color of frame will depict the portion in the canvas color that you wish to bring attention to and draw out.   Equate that thought to the exterior trim of your home.

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Jun 6

A Day in the Life of College Pro

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College Pro success on any given day can develop in the form of a grateful thank you from a customer or the completion of a large checklist.  One’s feeling of success is very individual as franchise managers’ pull their feeling of pride into their business from various sources. One thing is for sure – College Pro franchise managers have eventful summers where life is never dull.

A Day in the Life of College ProCollege Pro success as a whole comes from working hard and delivering on commitments to both customers and employees. Day to day the managers engage in non-stop problem solving and communication.

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May 29

My Experience at College Pro: Learning Social Spaces

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By: Kristy Neiboer – Media & Marketing Intern, College Pro


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May 23

My Experience at College Pro: My Introduction

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By: Kristy Neiboer – Media & Marketing Intern, College Pro


My Experience at College ProI have just finished my third year in economics at Wilfrid Laurier University. I am hoping to graduate next year with a minor in business, and my goal is to pursue a career in marketing or human resources. For my summer job this year, I was hired as a Social Media and Marketing intern at College Pro. I am one of only a few individuals in the office who have not worked for College Pro in the past, and therefore had no idea what to expect.  This blog will be a series of articles in which I can share my experience, from a newcomer’s point of view.

May 7

The College Pro Process for Young Entrepreneurs

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Ask the typical 19-22 year old what he/she wants to be doing 10 years down the road and the answer you usually get is something along the lines of:  “I want to be running my own <insert the type> business and I want to be very successful”.   While this is just a dream for most, it will become a reality for 1% of those out there with the guts and drive to set themselves up to make it happen.

Apr 23

A Brighter Tomorrow With College Pro Painters

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Give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime. At College Pro Painters we look for students who are the type who want to learn how to “fish”; students who are hungry for success. Success does not come easy in anything, but there are many ways to achieve success within the College Pro Painters supportive environment. To our hundreds of student managers across North America, success comes in varying pro success

Dec 22

College Pro Painters Can Give You the Skills College or University Can’t

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Don’t get me wrong, I love university.  I have spent most of my young adult life with my head in a book.  I’ve had dreams and aspirations towards a professional career in academia.  To this end, I have spent 7 years in post-secondary education; first, for my undergraduate in history, and then my masters in divinity.  My career trajectory has changed since my days in my undergrad at Nipissing towards the priesthood.  You may ask then, why College Pro Painters?  What business does a potential priest have running a business?  Well the reason why I started my own business is that College Pro can give you the skills universities and colleges can’t.

Dec 2

Have Fun this Summer with College Pro

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You’ve heard the motto “Work Hard, Play Hard”, and, at College Pro, this couldn’t be more true.  I’ve just spent a decade of my life with College Pro, and the wealth of opportunities, skills and pure fun it has afforded me is immense.

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